Let us help you achieve your mission

Instead of focusing on a return for investors, senior leadership runs the non-profit out of a firmly-implanted mission. To succeed, that mission needs to be shared not only by employees downstream, but by service providers as well. Even your search firm needs to be passionate about where the organization is headed.

Over three decades, that’s the approach that CTI has taken when recruiting for non-profits, and we’ve succeeded with both senior leadership and hands-on positions. We believe that when you recruit a Deputy Director, the focus should be on that job’s standing in the greater good that the organization is doing, as opposed to a single-minded discussion of the job specs. CTI knows how to reach people who want this kind of job satisfaction; we will ensure that their personal mission matches yours.

Our network covers every region of the globe. It doesn’t matter if it’s Asia or Africa, because after 30 years our company has developed a network in every country served by non-profits. CTI can go directly to a short-list of viable prospects for Tashkent or Nairobi in the same time that other recruiters are sourcing candidates in Washington DC, London, or Paris. We are truly a global business, managing client progress calls and recruitment in dramatically different time zones on a recurring basis.

The next time your non-profit or industry association requires senior leadership or those hard-to-find contributors from a variety of technical, operational, or business areas, reach out to CTI for a proposal.