Recruiting at the intersection of science and business

There are entire industries and thousands of employers in the way-too-general category of “Life Sciences,” but we can find no better way to describe our area of expertise. Find a place where science meets business, and CareerTrax will be there. Whether it is for the corner office in a startup biotech company, or for a specialized scientific, engineering, or business niche in a Fortune 100, our company has a set of practical solutions to your recruiting puzzle.

Industrial bioprocessing is a great example of where science and engineering meet to support the needs of a business. Companies throughout the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food, and food ingredients industries use biological processes to produce a range of products, and our search firm has three decades of experience with the technology as well as the business and operations staff needed to run these manufacturing facilities. Whether that new hire directs molecular biologists in the lab, the microbiologists in the pilot plant, or the chemical/mechanical engineers in the process facility, we’ve got you covered.

Life Sciences search work at CTI has always been an important part of our culture, and we support this side of the business by our monthly ScienceCareers columns for the AAAS, publishers of the journal Science (1996 – Present), in BioPharm International over a decade (1991 – 2001), and now for many years in Contract Pharma (2002 – Present). Read about us on these pages, review our insights, and let us know if CTI can propose a search for your next opening.

“Is there a more established, better-known voice for science careers than Dave? If there is I don’t know who it is, and I’ve been the editor of the world’s leading career-development site for scientists for about 6 years. In this important area, Dave is THE MAN.”  
– Editor, AAAS ScienceCareers