Success on the playing field of one-to-one connections

“Ask me what a client wants in an executive search, and it may sound like I’m describing the latest Apple product, or a handsome fountain pen. It’s not complicated – in fact, it’s very simple. Our clients want something that works – repeatedly, reliably – across any category of talent. Most importantly, it’s a people business and they want service.”
– Dave Jensen, company founder, CareerTrax Inc. (CTI Executive Search)

If you’ve purchased global recruitment services in the past, you’re no stranger to smoke and mirrors. Search firms love to tell you this is a complicated business, and that feet on the ground are required in multiple time zones. In reality, regardless of the size of the company, recruiters operate in small teams. There is rarely a cohesive global element that makes the work they do for you more effective. Effectiveness comes from commitment to your mission and from the hard work behind the search execution. It’s a business won on the playing field of one-to-one connections, and there’s no one better at that than CareerTrax Inc.

At CTI, the same team you spoke with in the sales process stays with you throughout its successful conclusion. Fees don’t fluctuate based upon the new employee’s compensation, freeing our commentary from the taint of commission and allowing us to be honest brokers when negotiating on your behalf. Finally, there is only straight talk when you ask for our analysis, and you’ll want that opinion. We’ve interviewed thousands of executives and technical staff and know how to match your organizational culture with a slate of candidates that will suit every one of your stakeholders.

Please reach out and let us know how we can assist.

Update as of October 2022:

CTI has now moved to a remarkable and cost-effective client billing process, with the same connections, speed of service and results you would expect from a firm with 30+ years of experience. Talk to us about our new “Hourly Staffing Services” — focused on Ag, BioPharmaceutical, and International Development search projects. This represents a way to distill our expertise and connections into a nugget-sized budget. Call Dave Jensen at (928) 274-2266 for more detail.

“I’ve had the opportunity to engage Dave’s corporate services twice and we have continued our friendship. The firm has an exceptional depth of knowledge of the life sciences space and an incredible network throughout industry and academia. An extremely valuable resource, one that never fails to deliver on their commitments.”
– Former VP Human Resources, Fortune 200 agribusiness employer, St. Louis, Missouri

“One of the most knowledgeable and reliable recruiters in the biotechnology industry . . . A vast network of industry contacts, quick to understand the needs of their clients. I highly recommend their services to both those companies seeking to hire senior level biotechnology staff and those individuals looking for an executive recruiter who truly listens to their needs.”
– Founder, Boston-area employer

“A pleasure to work with . . .  ‘can do’ spirit to getting the job done sets a standard for all to emulate. Attentive, focused, and dedicated . . . can be counted on to perform, and perform wonderfully.”
– Director of Client Operations