Considering your options?

It’s never easy to get back into the job market. Whether this decision is thrust upon you or you have the luxury of exploring other opportunities while employed, you’ll want to be in touch with the best recruiting professionals working in your area of expertise. And when reaching out to those few, you’ll want to know something about their business practices and how they feel about the important relationship that will develop between you.

CareerTrax Inc. (CTI Executive Search) is a retained executive search firm engaged in missions for client employers in the three major categories you’ll find described on our home page. Because we’re a retained search firm, we don’t “market candidates” as contingency firms sometimes do; still, there are many reasons to include our company in your select list of recruiters. We want to know about you and we’d be happy to keep you informed of any project that we are working on within our client company roster. In order to stay in touch, it would be great to have your credentials readily available — you can reach us with a CV or resumé through this website. Of course, we’d be pleased to take your call and assist in any way that we can with your networking efforts. But most importantly, you should know that we have a code of ethics that has been our driving force for more than 30 years of relationships with the best and brightest candidates in each job category we work in.

Our pledge to you is that you will never find CTI presenting you to companies that you are not aware of. Your CV will be held in confidence until a situation develops that we call you about, and at your option we’ll take you into discussions with the employer — a company you’ll be made familiar with, and for a position that you’ll have detailed in a CTI Search Profile. We will honor your request to be kept informed of the progress of that search, and where you stand in that process. You’ll find that we are capable of straight talk — there’s a “No BS” policy in place at CTI, and your recruiter will honor his or her pledge to give you prompt feedback, whether that is positive or negative. We know how it feels to be “sold” something and we’ll do all that we can to ensure our communications are as accurate, and as helpful, as possible.

Update as of October 2022:

CareerTrax has moved to a different client (employer) billing process, one which requires CTI to remove all the present searches from our web database. You can find out about CTI assignments by dropping a line to with a note of interest and a description of what you might be looking for.  We’ll reach back to you promptly and assist you as best we can. We’re working with some of the best employers in the world, across Agriculture, BioPharma, and International Development.

Whether it is a CareerTrax Inc. search project, or one from a CTI network partner, we hope you’ll identify an interesting new opportunity by contacting us. Thanks for being here. Before you leave, please take a few minutes to visit our 30 years of career advice in the website blog, Our Insights, located below.

Reviews of Our Insights . . .

“Dave really does a great job relating the simple keys to getting a job in the ‘mysterious world’ of industry whether one is coming from an academic setting or hopping from one industry position to another. It is not often that someone who deals with executive searches shows such concern for people trying to transition.”
– Director of Admissions, Case Western Reserve University

“His columns made Dave Jensen a familiar name to me long before I hosted him for two fabulous presentations at the National Cancer Institute’s retreat. He has an amazing ability of sharing his expertise with readers and audiences alike, which makes him a fantastic resource for scientists entering the job market.”
– Event Coordinator, National Cancer Institute