Looking for agribusiness talent?

CareerTrax Inc. (CTI Executive Search) has a long history of success in agribusiness. One of our first searches was with startup company Mycogen (San Diego, CA) during the explosion of investments in genetic engineering that took place in the mid-1980’s (Mycogen is now a part of Dow Agrosciences). It was a very unique search at the time; up to that point most agribusiness hires were fairly traditional chemists, agronomists, breeders, and business people. In this case, however, it was a Director with the responsibility to develop and lead a biotechnology program, and it created more than a few waves across the industry.

We love the agribusiness sector, and the agricultural sciences as well, because we realize the impact that our work has on solutions for our near-term problem of over 9.5 billion people on planet Earth. CTI has worked across the board, from executive positions to highly technical searches in fields as unique as plant physiology, soil and nutrient chemistries, ecotoxicology, hybrid breeding, and more. We know how to recognize agribusiness talent — what it takes to succeed when building a product development pipeline, or when marketing new seed varieties to growing regions of the world. Our clients will tell you that we have worked long and hard for them, to ensure that their team gets the best selection of slate candidates from what is truly a global market for this talent.

One special area that CareerTrax Inc. has developed over the years is the field of service providers to the agricultural or pharmaceutical markets. Because products in these two industries are so highly regulated, all marketers must use outside third-party testing laboratories to ensure that their products are safe and effective. CTI has managed numerous searches for companies in these sectors, where science meets business head on — and where each and every employee, technical or otherwise, must be able to communicate with customers and keep projects on track and on budget.

No matter which sector within agribusiness your firm is targeting for a prospective search, you owe it to yourself to get a proposal on the table from CTI. You’ll be impressed with what we can bring to the effort, and the level of partnership you’ll see in evidence from a prospective supplier.